Hangover from Hell – Day 21

Wed 21st Feb

OMG – I feel like death!!! Wake up feeling shit and absolutely famished! Yogurt and fruit isn’t going to cut it this morning! What would I give to have a packet of pickled onion space raiders or monster munch right now!!!

Last night is a bit hazy in places and I’ve no idea what time I got in!

I manage to drag my arse out of bed in order to find some food! All the breakfast choices are churning my stomach – really can’t face eggs today! I decide it’s late enough in the day to nearly be lunch time so just order a bowl of fries and a cup of tea hoping both will help sort me out! Despite the hangover, breakfast/lunch with this as a view is stunning. I absolutely love it here.

Salt and carbs on board I still feel no better. A visit to the gym definitely isn’t on the cards today and I head back to my room and fall asleep on and off till mid afternoon!

Find the new Beauty and the Beast film is just starting on tv so kill another couple of hungover hours watching that.

Julio texts to see if I’m alive. I am but certainly not feeling it. It’s open mic night at Sublime and he asks if I want to join him!!! Going to a bar, making conversation and drinking booze are the last things I want to do right now so have to decline. Maybe tomorrow….

Film finishes and decide to grab some dinner. I walk up and down the street past a multitude of eateries trying to work out what I can stomach.

I bump into a few people I met last night and stop to chat to them. That’s how fab this place is. Only been here 2 days and know people already!

Roll on tomorrow when I can awake feeling normal again! A bit of a wasted day but being here for a week means I’ve still got plenty of time to do and see things!

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