About Me

Hey Hello and welcome to my site :o)

For those of you following me that don’t know me, I’m Shelle, an excited 38 year old, from S Wales but lived in Bristol since 2002.

I work as a Technical Project Manager for a fruity telecomms company and have been there a long long time!

I love life, my family and friends and fill most of time exercising, socialising and travelling.

Over the last few years I have globe trotted here, there and everywhere, visiting new and exciting places but only for short periods of time…suffering the constraints of an annual leave allowance, limited funds and that mundane 9 to 5 thing we all have to do! As fun as this is, it is an expensive way of seeing the world and quite frankly, these short bursts are never quite enough.

I never had the opportunity to take a gap year despite always wanting to travel. Instead I landed a good job straight out of uni and got caught up in the rat race of daily life. Once you’re in it, it’s hard to break out of it….

However the itch and longing of wanting to travel never left and it just grew stronger until I eventually did something about it. The passing of my dear Dad taught me you only get one shot at life and so 6 years later, after an awesome 6 week trip around Central America, I finally submitted my sabbatical application form on my first day back in the office – and now here I am!

After a long 14 month wait and some serious saving, I am now embarking on a remarkable and life changing journey, to fulfil my lifelong ambition and do and see a lot of the things I’ve dreamed of since I was a little girl.

Let the excitement begin :o)

If you’re interested in my whereabouts and what I’m getting up to, have an interest in the places I’m travelling to and any info I can proffer, then use this site to follow me…

I set off 31st Jan 2018 and I’ll be back 11 months later just in time for Xmas…

Adios peeps xx

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