San Pedro la Laguna – Day 20

Tue 20th Feb

Woke up at silly o clock, head full of things to do, look into and arrange so at 4am make a start on some these! Head clear, fall back to sleep and ride again at a much more suitable hour.

Have breakfast over looking the lake – I will never tire of this view.

Time now to find me a gym. I pass one on but decide to check out the one I found online too. Neither had much in the way of cardio machines (mainly weights) but this one does have 4 spin bikes which is perfect. I join La Mano de Dios for the week which costs me a mere £6! I then find the recording I did of James my spin instructors class back in the summer and I’m good to go!

It was great doing one of James’ classes again. I do miss training and my gym back home.

I take a different route back and stumble across a bustling little fruit market and buy a fair bit in an attempt to be more healthy.

Showered and changed, I set off to find a the hostel/bar that has a pool overlooking the lake. The walk up there led me to find loads of other bars and restaurants along windy little streets I might not have stumbled across otherwise. San Pedro doesn’t conform to most other towns in Central America in the grid format but it’s a great place to just wander round.

Finally find Zoola’s and as great a location as this looks, the banging music and pissed up 18 year olds wasn’t the vibe I was looking or hoping for so promptly left!

Wander round the streets, join some guys in a coffee shop for a drink and bump into 2 friends I made back in Semuc Champey in a bar.

Grab a great falafel and hummous sandwich for lunch and it’s time to get ready to meet José’s friend.

Head out for half 4 and meet Julio in Sublime bar.

Beer o clock with Julio and all his friends which soon turns into rum and coke once I’m told it’s happy hour and it’s 2 for 10Q (£1!!!)

Monday night is a pool tournament at Sublime and a bottle of tequila appears for all the participants. Despite not playing, I somehow end up partaking in doing shots!

San Pedro has a large community of local people who have moved here from the city and also a lot of travellers come here, fall in love with the place and decide to stay. Being so small, everyone knows everyone and has a great community vibe and spirit. This was massively apparent in Sublime where it just seemed to be one huge group of friends who party a lot.

I’ve had a great night, met loads of new people but feeling a bit sick I decide it’s time to call it a night – much to Julio’s dismay! I thought I could party but these lot are on another level!

I walk home, no idea of the time and bloody starving but everything is shut! I resort to eating handfuls of granola when I get in them promptly pass out!

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