The End is Here – Day 325

Fri 21st Dec

So this is it, that’s a wrap…I have been away 11 Months or 48 weeks or 326 days! What an adventure it has been….I have amassed 15 countries over 3 continents. Travelled around 102,485 kms in approximately 88 locations. I’ve taken around 33 flights, 73 buses and 7 boats! I’ve stayed in approx 73 hostels and with 4 friends and only lost 5 things – an adapter plug, 2 phone cables a lock, socks and a cardy…not bad going really!

I’m writing this sat in the taxi to the airport and I can’t stop the tears rolling. I have had the best year of my entire life and most certainly don’t want it to end. The saying is definitely true that time flies when ur having fun and 2018 has gone by in a flash.

I get some real funny looks walking through the airport as I wander through wiping away tears, a forced smile in this pic

and blub uncontrollably when I get my last passport stamp!

A passport not just full of stamps, but full of stories, memories and friendships.

How on earth and where do I start reflecting on such a journey. I can’t put into words how awesome and amazing this whole experience has been. I have loved and enjoyed every minute. I have seen and done some of the most incredible things imaginable with memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Highlights need a bit more time for reflection as there are just too many.

I have met some fabulous people and friends along the way and I take comfort in the fact I will hook up with some of them again one day. It is definitely the people u meet that make backpacking so great so I thank each and every one of you for for ur part in making mine better than I ever cd have imagined.

I am leaving with a massively heavy heart. It will be lovely to see my family and friends again, especially at this time of year (although it feels nothing like Xmas to me) but I do wholeheartedly wish I was off again in a week. It’s going to be so tough readjusting to normal life again and I’m pretty sure that the mundane rat race of normal life just isn’t for me anymore.

Travel changes u, opens ur mind and ur soul. I feel and am very different to the girl that left on 31st Jan…

Solo travel isn’t scary or dangerous, it’s exciting and empowering and teaches you so much. A decision I will never ever regret.

Despite my sadness, this is not the end or goodbye world, but more the beginning…I don’t know what lies ahead but I’m ready and willing to find out and grab any arising opportunity with both hands…whatever and wherever that may be 🙏🏻

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