San Juan & San Pedro – Day 22

Thu 22nd Feb

A chilled out morning….it’s great having nothing to rush about for or to. After another breakfast overlooking the lake I decide today to walk the 2.8km to the next town of San Juan la Laguna.

I’d read it wasn’t much of a nice walk and could possibly encounter a few bandits along the way but having met a few people that had, decided it would be ok. It’s a stunning morning too so a walk will be nice.

Half way along and the view over the lake towards San Pedro is beautiful

Reach San Juan and I’m not met by much. I came last year and we visited some Mayan women weaving scarves and selling their wares and this is all that seems to be here. I find the hill I remember that goes down to the boat stop and all the craft stores that are there.

Like San Pedro, San Juan is full of street art but here it celebrates more the Mayan culture and the Tz’utujil people.

I was thinking of having lunch here but nothing really jumps out as a nice place to eat and the one I do find is rather expensive. SJ is set up from the lake so despite there not being many places anyway, you haven’t got the lovely view either. I therefore grab a tuk tuk back to San Pedro (10Q) and have lunch there on a sun terrace overlooking the lake.

I had originally booked to stay in SJ thinking SP was too much of a party scene. But it’s there if you want it and plenty besides if you want a quieter stay. San Pedro rocks and so glad I changed my booking to here.

Back at the hotel and to decide to chill in the sun with my kindle whilst adding a Facebook post to wind people up at home – it’s 27 here and minus 1 back there!

Clouds come over around half 4ish so come up and get chatting to the hotel staff. It’s through these I find out I got in at 4am yesterday (another locked main entrance)

Yep, no wonder I felt like crap. That was one heavy sesh!

Head back to the gym to do another spin session. Life is so much more productive when ur not hungover!

Go for dinner at some street side bbq joint. You can choose various meats and sizes for different prices. I go medium and it’s ok but the meat for a fussy eater like me – a bit fatty, gristly and on the bone isn’t a great combination. Garlic bread that came with it was lush though. With a large beer this came to only 40Q!

Was going to meet Julio tonight but haven’t heard off him since he finished work and now I don’t have WiFi…. do I head Sublime way and take a look around….Danger zone! Only bloody bump into him in a shop whilst walking down the street! We arrange to meet up in an hour or so…

Treat myself to a bottle of wine – I finally find a shop that keeps white wine in the fridge and for only 40Q, it wasn’t bad either. It’s getting late so decide to head out despite not hearing off Julio….sure I’ll bump into some people in Sublime.

No one from the other night is out but I meet many people at the bar and while away the night drinking beer and tequila with a load of new acquaintances…and meet another friend of José’s – Sarai

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