Bed Days – Day 7 & 8

Wed 7th & Thu 8th

Not done a lot the last 2 days except lie in bed and watch tv….£30 vpn subscription well spent!

I have a cough and cold from hell and it’s really taken it’s toll. 3 days in and it’s not showing any signs of letting up

Gutted that I’ve had to cancel tomorrow’s mountain biking tour but there’s no way I could cough, splutter and sneeze through 60km. Hopefully I’ll feel up to more than just popping out for an hour and go for a good rekkie around town instead and hopefully feel much better for the tour I have booked for Sat…

Being bed bound has given me time to peruse accommodation though and I’ve changed all but one of my dorm bookings to single rooms and am also thinking of skipping Nicaragua and flying straight to Colombia from Guatemala. Seems a lot of miles to cover to repeat a lot of the places I did last year. There is a volcano I want to climb but there are plenty of others about on my travels.

I fancy some beach time and those in north Colombia look lovely

Hoping and praying I feel better tomorrow but this is a belter of a cold so not holding breath…. ☹️🤧🤒😷

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