Last Day in SC – Day 9

Fri 9th Feb

Still ill, but have woke up feeling much better than I have in days.

Have breakfast n chill for a bit, text back home and speak to Jen.

Suitably rested, it’s time to head out. Not really sure what the order of the day is and having been around town a fair few times there’s nothing burning to see or do but I’m feeling up to going out so plan to just meander around for a bit.

Head up to the craft market where they sell an array of touristy tat and jewellery they promise is real amber!

See more churches – this place is full of them…and again all are cordoned off due to earthquake damage.

Feel up to eating so try and find somewhere that does something basic – a great little place on the corner and some pasta pomodoro is just the ticket.

There’s a great little wine bar I’ve passed many a time but not felt up to drinking or socialising. As today is my last day, I decide to make the effort and swung by the fact this was written on the menu

– I’m prepared to give anything a go now!

Sipping a rather nice Sauv Blanc for only 30 pesos, I get engrossed in reviewing a project for a friend. I then get asked if I would mind swapping tables to accommodate a large group that’s just come in and feeling more alive and able to speak Spanish than I have in days, I join a table with 2 girls from Mexico City. We chat for over a hour or more and as we are on the same trip tomorrow, swap numbers to try and meet up for lunch.

As they leave, I join a large group of girls behind me, mostly from the States and 1 from Devon. They’re on a 5 week yoga course which sounds cool. The girl from Devon has just spent 3 months in Colombia and gives me loads of useful and helpful tips.

4 glasses of wine later (£4.44 total bill!) it’s time to go collect my laundry (that cost less than a quid) and pack up my stuff as tomorrow I’m on the move and head to Palenque

Im glad I got out n about today and first time I’ve felt able to and have had the energy to engage with people around me.

Met a funny French girl back at the hostel – she seems bonkers. Put all her clothes in the laundry and now has no clothes till Monday! If I wasn’t leaving tomorrow I think we’d have had a blast

Best finish packing and set the alarm for 0315. Long day tomorrow but shd def be worth it

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