Cascadas el Chiflon y Lagos de Montebello – Day 6

Tue 6th Feb

Alarm goes off at 7 and wake up feeling crap again. This is the first time I feel I could sleep in but the bus is picking me up at 8. Cold – 1 Shelle – 0…..eyes n nose streaming n can’t stop coughing!

Skin looks a new shade of red and chest looks slightly blistered! Smothering myself in suncream I wonder wot on earth to wear to go to the lakes and waterfalls on a boiling day when half ur body is on fire!

8am sharp n and my bus driver arrives. I am the first pickup so get the seat with all the leg room at the front and to myself which I’m glad about as by the time we arrive at our first destination, I’ve gone through a pack of tissues and feel like the biggest germ on earth!

My group is a mix of me, 2 Americans, 2 French and 6 Mexicans and Miguel our driver.

As we approach Cascadas el Chiflon, Miguel babbles something about different routes and different prices. The non Mexicans of the group thought we had already paid entrance in our tour price so wasn’t sure why we needed to pay more….then he went on to say 40 pesos got u the best path but charged us 15. I have no idea why or what this was all about but I stumped up my 50p and started the ascent to the waterfall.

The hot and humid conditions played havoc with my chest and did nothing but cough the whole way up. Something I normally love going to visit just felt like a chore today but it was a beautiful place and I’m glad I went.

The view from the top was awesome and the spray from the waterfall extremely welcome on such a hot day.

From there, we headed to Lagos de Montebello. Miguel mentioned a lunch stop in a restaurant en route or pick up something at the lakes to which we all opted for the latter. Miguel however seemed to miss 11 voices saying this and pulled into the restaurant telling the owner we were 11 people! One of the Mexicans spoke up and Miguel returned to his bus – probably hungry by missing out on what I assume to be a free dinner for taking tourists in!

Lunch however may have been better taken at the restaurant. The little stalls at the lakes serve the best quesadillas…hmmm, I beg to differ. I’ve had tortillas, tacos and now quesadillas whilst being in SC and all have been the same – like wraps! Being charged double what we were told wasn’t great either but the people were friendly and their little kitchen come eateries basic yet cute.

Lagos de Montebello is made up of 59 lakes…of which we visited 7.

Lago Pojoj

Cinco Lagos

Lago de Montebello

We were told we could swim here but the temperature difference between SC and our first stop compared to here was massive and there wasn’t a cat in hells chance of me getting in! Should have got in the lovely blue pools at El Chiflon.

A stunning place to visit and would have been nice to see more but wearing a pair of shorts it was just too cold and I was glad to be back on the bus!

A lovely day (all for 350 pesos) and so far 9 hours out (although it hasn’t felt like it), it was now time to sit back for the next 3 hours or so as we head back to SC. Must be something about the return trip as this seemed to go on forever!

Dropped off in the centre, I grab a cup of tea para llevar and head home looking forward to my bed!

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