Week 1 in Montañita – Days 93 to 99

Sat 5th – Fri 11th May

Saturday morning and I have a nice lie in and am greeted with a cup of tea when I head downstairs this morning. I then go in search of my school to enrol in Spanish classes – but it’s closed on a weekend!

Niki & Grant at my hostel told me of a cool place on the beach to go for breakfast so I go there…..Dharma Beach is one of the nicest places to stay in Montañita – known for it’s somewhat opulent style – almost arabesque looking in the low key surf town. Breakfast is good and food here is fairly cheap – despite the 100$ price tag per night to stay!

The sun is blazing so I decide to take advantage of this and begin to relax at long last and soak up some rays for a few hours.

Having not eaten vegetables in ages, I go in search of a shop and decide that for dinner tonight I will cook rather than eat out.

I go to watch the sunset

with my hostel owners and Lee the other guest from Newcastle and grab a beer or 2 before heading home to cook. I’m so excited to be eating broccoli and carrots!

Suitably full, I settle for an early night despite it being the biggest party night in this party town!

Sunday is hot! Rather than just sitting around, I decide to walk into the next town – Olon. There are some great views over the bay as u reach La Punta.

Niki tells me there is a path u can follow down to the beach there. I find it but it’s so overgrown I head back to the road and find a cut through by a hotel to get to the beach. It’s about a 2-3km walk in.

Olon is another beach town on Ruta del Sol but much much quieter. It doesn’t have the bars, clubs or cocktail alley like neighbouring Montañita.

I stumble across a great place for lunch. It sells an array of cheeses which u can’t normally get here but it is quite expensive. Seeing they have proper uncut loaf bread, I opt for a very tasty tuna mayo sandwich instead. It’s a cool place ran by a Russian guy.

I get the bus back for about 40c and chill some more on the beach….after 2 busy weeks, this is why I’m here.

Tonight is movie night – Niki and Grant bring their tv out and the 4 of us take a seat and we watch a movie.

Monday comes and it’s time to enroll in school. I got a reply to my email saying to head there for 0730…I’m on holiday, paying to go to school…not a school kid at home that has to go! I therefore rock up about 10am!

Forms filled in and test completed….it was tough getting the old grey matter working again! Speaking is one thing but doing a test on different types of grammar was something else. I come out around a B2 which is what I was hoping for. My classes are scheduled for the week and I sign up to the welcome dinner tonight as it’s at a restaurant I really want to try.

Chilling is again the order of the day, I get my jeans shortened for only 3$ by a woman on my street and head out to dinner.

There are about 20 or so of us going to dinner at Pigro. I get chatting to the few people I’m sat around – most are German or Swiss. All nice enough but quite young. Dinner is amazing and they manage to serve everyone at the same time despite our group size – this is quite a rarity in this part of the world! Bed and alarm set – first lesson at 9am tomorrow!

Tuesday and it’s off to school I go! First hour is with Isabel. It’s ok but I do have to explain what I want out of my classes and not just what she wants to teach….

I explain the same to my next teacher Elizabeth. She gets it and we spend the next 2 hours talking about all sorts. 3 hours later, brain slightly frazzled – I’ve not used it that much since I left! After school it’s a spot of lunch….Tiburon do the most amazing emanadas! This evening is spent drinking a lot of beer and playing Mario Kart with Niki, Grant and Lee at the hostel and the best pizza ever from Ezzio’s!

I do not want to wake up this morning. Why did I book morning classes! After my morning cuppa, I drag my arse to school grabbing a hot chocolate croissant from the bakery en route. These are so good and now I’m set for the day of more past tenses and pluscuamperfecto!

Wednesday is pretty much more of the same except the sun has appeared again so I take advantage of this and spend another afternoon at the beach. Tiburón has a great looking Thai menu so I go there for dinner. Not the Thai curry u think of but very tasty none the less.

The exercises in class this morning (Thursday) are quite tough – all tenses in one reading comprehension! The weather is still a bit hit and miss here. After an hour on the beach it clouds over so I go home and around 5ish Niki and I decide it’s beer o clock!

Lee, Niki and I walk up to the Montañita mirador and watch the sunset over the town.

We grab a mora moijito on cocktail alley on the way back and settle down to drink more beer and play Yahtzee! I’m quite chuffed with my double Yahtzee and extra 100 bonus points!

I get to bed around half 2….tomorrow at school is going to be tough!

This mornings alarm is not very welcome and I set off for school via breakfast alley hoping an offering from here will sort me out! 3 hours of Spanish on 4 hours sleep wasn’t as bad as I thought and I make some good progress! I go Dharma Beach for lunch and chill on the beach until the clouds come over again. It is getting a bit annoying now….come on sun!

I was going to check out and stay in a place down the road with a pool but Grant and Niki are so lovely, I decide to just stay in here for another week. I also can’t be arsed to pack my stuff up on a hangover!

We have a new guy checked in so Lee, Kevin from Sweden and I all go to Pigro for dinner. Beat from yesterday’s antics, I decide to call it a night and have an early one!

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