Bus from Medellin to Salento Info – Day 79

Sat 21st Apr

So after a sad goodbye to my Betty’s girls and lots of tears, I drag my tired, hungover and sad ass onto the bus to Salento!

My ticket says I have seat number 1 which on this bus means I’m up front – shot gun! The route is meant to have some great scenery so I’ll get to see everything.

We set off and within 10 minutes I’m regretting my front seat spot! This guy, although lovely, drives like a frigging loon. Speeds up only to slam breaks on due to cars in front, going round bends, lights. I feel slightly nauseous after just 30 minutes and now just hope I can fall asleep!

The route to Salento isn’t the best…the roads are predominantly single lane and as travelling through the mountains, full of bends, twists and turns. What I’ve read and been told though is true – the view on some stretches is beautiful

On certain parts of the route, there are currently a lot of roadworks. This means large sections of one side is closed. This causes huge tailbacks and delays as you wait for the sign to change to allow ur flow of traffic through.

I was lucky to be travelling on a Sunday but can only assume this would be 10 times worse on a weekday/rush hour…

Rather than 6 hours, it takes us just under 7.

There is varying info out there on how u get to Salento from Medellin. There is a direct bus ran by Flota Occidental. It leaves at 8am, either 9 or 11am (this one changes) and 1pm from Terminal Sur. It stops in Pereira but continues on to Salento. It costs 47,000 and advertises as taking 6 hours! If uve been in Colombia a while, you’ll know this is not the case!

There is also the option of 2 buses – changing in Pereira or Armenia….and this is the option u take if u want a night bus. As I didn’t take this, I don’t have any info.

When u arrive in Salento, a tourist information guy greets you and points you in the direction of ur hostel…but most of us had Maps Me at the ready anyway. It’s about a 10 minute walk from there to the main square and the hostels dotted around the area.

As it’s only for 2 nights, I decide to stay in a dorm, in one of the El Viajero hostels. Exhausted, I just want to check in, eat and hit the hay but there’s a massive queue at reception and multitasking doesn’t come easy to them!

Finally I’m shown to my room, grab some food in town (with the best limonade de coco ever)

and get ready to watch a bit of Netflix before bed, but end up chatting to 2 girls from the States and another from the UK before calling it a night.

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