Adiós….I’m Ready & I’m Off

Wed Jan 31st

Well the day finally arrived and after 2 last minute rucksack decants, off I set to Heathrow after a sad goodbye to Chris and my nephews. It seemed well strange saying to them see u at xmas when we’ve only just had it.

Journey down the M4 wasn’t too bad – mainly because my mind was elsewhere on the phone trying to sort out my money – bloody bank!

Arriving at Heathrow, my rucksack and I are properly acquainted as she goes on my back for the first time in more than just the living room – not too bad at the mo, I can live with this…but my sister is carry my front day sack!

Longest check in ever whilst the over friendly staff want to have lengthy conversations with each person….come on love, we’ve ordered dinner and it’s getting cold!

Checked in, and middle seat blocked (Travellers Tip) so I wdnt have anyone sat next to me, I go for my last dinner with my Mum and my sister.

We toast to my impending adventure and then that god awful moment arrives of saying goodbye to the 2 most important women in my life. I love and will miss u both loads 😘

Goodbyes done, I walk and wave, in tears through to security. Happiness and excitement building but also slightly nervous.

X-ray machines complete I head to Jo Malone for a cheeky little purchase then straight to the bar. I toast myself and my travels with a glass (or 2) of bubbles and flood Facebook with updates! God I’m excited!!!

Half 9 and I can board, head to my gate and there she is….the big AeroMexico bird, flight AM008 that is about to take me to Mexico City where this really all starts….

It hits me again, this shit just got really real and I’m off on my big adventure.

TTFN dudes….catch u from DF

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