Batu Ferringhi to Siem Reap – Days 308 to 312

Wed 5th – Sat 8th Dec

Having been a busy bee again for a few days, with Penang having a beach in the north, I decide to spend a night up in Batu Ferringhi.

It’s so easy to get to, again the bus stop is around the corner and I jump on the 101 bus and it takes me all the way there for 45p!

This place attracts some money from those that live in KL…there are 2 Shangri La’s here! Sadly, I’ll not be staying at either!

Im looking for somewhere for breakfast but this place certainly doesn’t have the good buzz of George Town and everything is closed. I stumble across a little local place and it’s another roti cenang for breakkie! I find my hostel….basic is an understatement. I think this must be one of the most no frills places I’ve stayed in 10 months! Ah well, it’s only for the night and I plan to spend most of my time at the beach.

The beach isn’t the nicest that I’ve visited….although I have been spoiled by the stunning Thai islands I’ve just been too. Towel down, kindle out – that’s me sorted for the foreseeable 5-6 hours!

Sadly this turns into only 2 or 3 as dark cloud come over and it looks as if rain might be on the cards. Wot an arse, thus is not what I wanted for today…I’m nearing the end and I’m in tanning mode….hit be as dark as I can be to go home! Never mind, I go for a stroll instead and take up a pew in Bora Bora Bar until the sun reappears and plonk myself back on the sand.

I walk to the other end of the town and find a Hard Rock Cafe. Having eaten street food for days, I decide a tidy restaurant with proper chairs and tables is in order. I do nearly die of heat failure thou when a salad and a daiquiri come to nearly 20 quid!!!!

WTF….how many roti cenang’s cd I eat for that price!!!

I do a spot of shopping at the night market. It’s got some good things but a lot ya vastly overpriced but the majority is just fake handbags, belts and watches.

Back in George Town and a bit more shopping in the malls before chilling and packing before I move on to Cambodia. After an indulgent meal yesterday I’m back to street food for a meagre 50p!

From here, I fly to Siem Reap. Cambodia has been re-added to the itinerary and I’m looking forward to it. Brits can get a visa on arrival and it’s costs 30$. I get chatting to a guy from the UK in the queue and again outside the airport. He and his mate kindly offer me a lift in their taxi and having been here before give me a few hints and tips along the way. I thank them for their kind generosity and may bump into them later.

Im staying at Onederz hostel and it’s very nice. Helpful staff, nice clean rooms, a pool and good communal areas. It’s also right next to one of the night markets which has some cool things. I go off in search of some traditional Khmer food and try the lok lak – it’s was ok but a bit bland.

I take a wander down the very bright neon lit pub street

and bump into my taxi guys Riddles and Johnny. Well it wd be rude not to join them hey! Beer is the one thing that is cheap in Cambodia…using the dollar, everything else, especially after Malaysia, seems expensive. One beer turns into another and soon I’ve whiled away quite a few hours with these guys. Time flies when ur having fun. Both are very gentlemanly and treat me to my beers. Thank you again both for ur company and kindness.

The following day is a bit of a write off and I have a cracking lie in. I go for a wander round Siem Reap – I really like this place and wd love to stay longer if I cd. I meet Riddles and Johnny again and am treated to dinner and drinks.

Ur generosity knows no bounds and again I’m very thankful. It’s been a pleasure meeting u both and I hope we can hook up again in Guernsey or wherever I’ll be when I’m back….

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