The Spectacular Journey to Huaraz – Day 115

Sun 27th May

After a fairly quiet day yesterday, today it’s pretty much up and out with a taxi for 0830 to get to the bus station.

Lee and I bid farewell to Gigi who has been a lovely host and Punta Huanchaco a great place to stay but she definitely wants those good reviews with an over enthusiastic goodbye and we’re even given a caballito keyring as a departing gift! Very sweet thou.

It takes about 30 mins to the Linea bus depot and I bump into the couple from London I met in my hostel in Quito. Small world! There’s a small snack bar here that sells sandwiches and empanadas etc so u can grab some breakfast.

Putting luggage on the bus is a bit like at an airport and they weigh our bags! Mine has somehow crept up to 23kg – and I’ve actively been trying to decant as I’ve been going too!!! Not sure my shopping trip in Lima will be happening now!

Lee and I have great seats upstairs at the front big the bus. (We don’t realise how great until further on in our journey!) You can’t see anything out he side windows thou as it’s covered on the outside which is a shame.

A few hours in and we hit the Andes. The view and landscape is awesome and only the 4 of us at the front can see it. The mountains are dry and arid here and it’s amazing to be driving through them.

We take a turn inland through the mountains and the Andes are on either side of us. Lee and I are eyes wide as we take in the enormity and magnitude of these enormous mountains. This journey is incredible.

The further in we go, a river starts to run by and the landscape changes from the sandy one we entered to one more green.

With breakfast items eaten long ago and the time half 2, I start to wonder if any buses in Peru make good stops. I have a few apples in my bag but nothing of substance. Luckily, we finally make a lunch stop. It was sustenance at best…not great at all but filled a hole…and was only £2! There’s a little tuck shop opposite the restaurant so we stick up on a few little treats for the rest of the journey!

Back on board and we climb higher and higher up into the Andes. According to Maps Me we’re at about 4200m but I’ve no idea if that was the highest point.

The terrain changes again and it’s now very green and looks like the beautiful mountains of my homeland.

This area is a sight to behold and we’ve been pretty much gripped by it for the entire journey.

Wd zig zag up and down and around the views mountains with some massive sharp bends and turns. Ive no idea how a double decker bus is managing it!

In the map, we’re not far from Huaraz but I’m not entirely sure how long we have left due to the nature of the roads. I glance out the window again and almost screech at Lee…finally the snow capped peaks are in view and it’s amazing.

The sun is setting, the moon is up and we’re looking at some of the most breathtaking mountain ranges in the world.

Wow is pretty much all I can muster to say!!!

This journey has just been incredible. I would advise anyone to not do the night bus and catch the Linea service to not miss the incredible journey through the Andes.

At only £6, this felt like more of a sightseeing trip rather than an a to b journey.

We get in around 6pm which is only 39 mins later than advertised – and for South America transport pretty bloody good! We walk the 6 mins to our hostel through a very bustling Huaraz town. I wasn’t expecting this but didn’t know quite what to expect…

Our hostel is crazy….so many check ins, check outs, a report of missing items. I manage to change my room for tonight to the smaller dorm (privates way to dear here) and beg the dude in reception to see if I can stay in here for the duration of my stay – fingers crossed.

I had googled places to eat as per usual and Lee and I head for #4 on Trip Advisor – Chilli Heaven which is meant to be a good curry house. It is obviously a favourite amongst backpackers and we’re lucky to get a table. Others after us share tables with others then are turned away! This place must be good! It didn’t disappoint and we had a cracking curry – chicken madras. Not quite like at home but it was great food and finally when they say picante, they mean picante…a curry that finally packed a punch!

Whacked after a big dinner, and a long day travelling it’s bedtime. I’m so looking forward to seeing what hikes I can do over the coming days in these magnificent mountains….

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