A Tourist in Cali – Day 82

Tue 24th Apr

I sleep quite well and wake about half 8 which is a bit gutting as I wanted to trek up to the 3 crosses but as I was told u need to start the ascent at around 7am, I’m a bit late for this! I did get a picture of them during my wandering thou!

I take a quick look at what else there is to to and set off to walk down 8th Ave in Granada. This is full of bars, restaurants and boutique shops and looks like it would be buzzing of a nighttime. I resist the urge to buy anything but more on the grounds that it’s just too glamorous for my current backpacking lifestyle!

I carry on walking into San Antonio and go for brunch at a place ranked highly on trip advisor called Zahavi. It’s a lovely place but quite expensive – tea and cheesecake cost more than what I usually pay for dinner!

From here I get an uber to go to Colombia’s own Christ the Redeemer -Cristo Rey. It’s way to far to walk and through also through some dodgy neighbourhoods. Dropped off I walk up the hill and pose for the same obligatory photo I did in Rio – has to be done hey.

A quick selfie and some snaps of the city below I set off back down.

Despite being surrounded by mobile antennas, there’s no signal here. A young guy has capitalised on this and offers people a taxi service back down to city centre!

Not knowing what else to do, and it’s a beautiful day…not usually a fan of them but I decide to go to the zoo so get dropped off here.

I pay my 20,900 entrance and armed with my map…away I go to find some animals.

It is said that when Hacienda Napoles got raided, the animals Escobar had illegally got and housed were homed in the zoo….

The zebras and tiger were pretty cool!

From here I get another uber to a central point and walk back towards Granada.

I was hoping to meet the friends I made in San Andres whilst here but being a work day for most and them being out of the city, it was not possible.

I go for dinner at another Trip Asvisor suggested restaurant- Ringlete. This is meant to be one of the best for local Caleños food.

I order steak in a creole sauce (tomato, onions and pepper) that comes with double carb loading – rice and boiled potatoes.

It was nice and flavoursome and good to eat something other than chicken a la plancha and rice!

Having decided that apart from partying there’s not much else for me to do in Cali, I decide to get the morning rather than night bus to the border tomorrow so it’s time yet again to get my stuff together to hit the road! Tomorrow is gonna to be a long one!

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