Bye Salento and the Road to Cali – Day 81

Mon 23rd Apr

Again I wake early but again not a bad thing as I want to take a stroll around Salento before the shops open, before the crowds take over and before I leave.

I join Dan for breakfast and enjoy the picturesque view over the coffee region…enjoyed all the more with a proper cup of tea!

Goodbyes done, I wander to the main square. It’s so peaceful at 8am before the stalls and vendors set up.

Facing the church

there is a long street to the left of it which is full of the colourful craft shops and bars that make Salento famous.

When open u don’t get the full effect but at this time, u get to see the full array of colours of the doors and balconies. Each one so bright and colourful, I take so many photos.

It’s quite a small place so within half an hour I’m done. Back at the hostel, I collect my stuff and luckily on weekdays, the bus to Armenia stops right outside. One pulls up in seconds and I sit back for the hour journey.

Once in Armenia, head upstairs and there’s a multitude of bus operators going to various parts of Colombia. The first one I come to is a direct link to Cali so buy a ticket there for only 20,000 with Expreso Trejos.

It’s a relatively small bus and full of locals. It takes about 4 hours in total but could be quicker if it didn’t coast for local pick ups along the way in busier towns.

I check in to my hostel around 2pm and then make plans for the afternoon….

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