Palomino to Rodadero & to Cartagena- Day 52 – 54

Sat 24th – Mon 26th Mar

I wake early in Palomino and decide to head back to Rodadero. I could stay here and do the river tubing excursion but I’m not really fancying it today and would rather do with a group of people.

I would also like to visit the place with all the flamingos but they’re not here – I’ve been told they’re currently in Spain!

The drive from Palomino towards Tayrona is stunning as you just follow the coastal path. Such a beautiful part of the world. Bus from here to Rodadero is the local one which only costs 10000 but does take about 2 hours!

Change on Libertador for aeropuerto bus to Rodadero – it’s quicker than the one from Mercado by 20 minutes or more.

Back in Rodadero, I’ve got all my stuff on me again and can take a nice proper shower but it’s weird being in a dorm as can’t spread all my stuff out!

Another day by the pool but do go out with Janine for a few beers, which turns into a bottle of wine but as Janine has work tomorrow, I head off on my own to a bar which I’ve never seen pumping but tonight it is! I join a group of guys from Medellin and have a good laugh with them. We swap numbers so I can hook up with them when I’m in town in about 2 weeks….

I join another table of people and they start giving me shots of some local drink which is awfully like sambuca! I since learn this is called Aguardiente

I’m awoken around 9am by a Spanish speaking group all chatting in my dorm. Want to tell at them to shut up but decide I should get up! I venture to the beach but it’s too hot and the vendors are annoying so I heard back to the pool and help the hostel out by updating their notes on trips and transport.

I head out to watch my last sunset in Rodadero with Janine and a beer or 2 to say goodbye.

Knackered from the night before, I grab some dinner at the Greek place (it’s well nice) and head home. I’m well in the land of nod when a group of 5 guys on a late check in arrive in my dorm like a herd of elephants! 40 mins later after bag zips going, a train back and forth to the bathroom, making up beds etc etc etc does the noise finally stop and I can get back to sleep!

Thank god I’ve got privates booked for the next week or so!

Monday I awake and it’s moving on day. I pack and pop out to get the staff a small gift. I have been at Hostel Calle 11 for about 2 weeks and absolutely loved my time there. The hostel itself is great, preferred my privates but as dorms go, they’re nice and comfortable and do have privacy curtains. The pool area is amazing and Brock is making a lot of headway with some fabulous improvements for the place. The staff are all very friendly, helpful and accommodating and it is these guys that make the place so welcoming and homely. I saw 2 of the cleaners in the street one day and they stopped to give me a hug. They all knew my name and greeted me every morning.

This place also attracts a great mix of people. It’s not a party hostel but the pool and communal areas are great for mixing and getting to know people and I made a great many friends here.

I am sad to be leaving as it did feel kinda like home but it is time to move on and I’m excited to get to Cartagena. I’m on the 10am direct bus with Marsol which costs 50000. More expensive than ones from the bus terminal but it’s door to door.

The journey takes about 5 hours – 2 heavy traffic spots en route and 2 stops.

Finally I get to Cartagena and my hostel is more like a small hotel. I gave a double bed and private bathroom and feel like a queen!!! The staff at Casa de las Américas are an older couple and are very friendly and helpful.

I plan to go to Playa Blanca tomorrow with my friend Rose who is already here and they give me all the info to DIY it rather than fork out a fortune on a tour.

I go for a quick stroll and some dinner and head back. This place is stunning but it’s dark so I look forward to seeing more of it on Wed when I can spend the day wandering round

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