Pool Days, Sunsets & Broken Toe – Days 40 – 48

Mon 12th – Tue 20th

The posts have been quiet due to not having done a lot!

After a pool day Monday, I was going to visit Minca on Tuesday but didn’t think the tour price was worth it and after reading the reviews online decided that was the case…too much time focused on coffee beans and an hour n half hard sale and explanation on all products being sold. Too long spent over lunch too and yes, the waterfall is beautiful but having been to some of the best in the world, I was told I might be slightly underwhelmed. Each to their own and all that and everyone I’ve met who’s been loved it – but they did all come back with a million mozzie bites so at least I escaped that!

I did venture into Taganga thou which was easy enough…bus to Santa Marta and onto another from Calle 5 (where u get off) to Taganga. All for 3200cop.

I’d read a lot online about this place being unsafe and buses stopped and held at knife/gun point….but I asked around and got told it was safe enough. As you drive up the hill towards the town, u can see however why this might be true. U pass through a favela type of place that is really poor and the police presence just after this place added to the credibility of what I’d read. Anyway, I passed throu without any drama!

I got off the bus and ventured from the main street towards the beach front which was full of little shops, bars and restaurants/eateries.

The beach was ok

but not as nice as rodadero as being a small fishing town was primarily full of boats

There’s a bit further down on the left thou that’s more geared up for sitting and chilling.

Arriving at 10am, having already had breakfast and far too early to start on shots or 241 cocktails I felt there was little else to really do…

I was since told that there are some nice coastal walks up that way but didn’t know at the time.

After wandering around for about half hour, I really didn’t think much of this place and with little else to do, headed back to the lovely beaches of Rodadero.

Chilling by the pool I met a fab girl from Sweden Valentina and her 2 German travel companions. We have such a laugh we all head out for dinner at Salvator’s Italian and a few cocktails

The following day I chill by the pool with my new friend Valentina and in the evening with Ojo and Artur, we head to beach with another girl to watch the sunset which wasn’t that great tonight due to the clouds!

The idea is floated around to go get some rum and as I go to run off up the beach, I kick full pelt a hidden concrete curb/block in the sand and go down like a sack of spuds! The pain is excruciating at once and I can’t walk – fuck, I think I’ve broke a toe!!!

2 of the others head to the shop whilst I hobble back to go sit in the sand watching my toe swell up like a chipolata!

I think the rum acts as a pain restrictor as I get really wasted and don’t really remember much else of the evening once this has been consumed!

Wake up Wed morning feeling surprisingly ok except from the throbbing pain in my toe!

I ask the cleaner for some ice but she tells me I need hot water fue to a small cut and proceeds to bring me that and iodine! Love the fact she’s helping me but I really need ice to take down the swelling! I spend the rest of the day by the pool with my foot elevated

and the realisation hits that there is no way I’ll be leaving tomorrow morning to go do a 4 day trek to the Lost City! I contact expotours to let them know and hope that I might be able to do it in the next day or 2 and also extend my stay at my amazing hostel (Calle 11).

With focus on resting, I only venture out to go for dinner with Valentina who has extended her stay by a night. We end the night on the balcony with a cheeky rum or 2 with the polish guys.

Friday sees Valentina leave which is sad as she’s a great gal and we get on brilliantly but her journey takes her on a different route to me and I’m still stuck here for the time being anyway – not that I’m complaining. It’s 33 degrees, swimming pool and a fab hostel with loads of lovely people coming back and forth.

This afternoon I meet 2 lovely girls – 1 from France Rose and crazy Maria from Brazil. We have a few drinks by the pool and head to Salvator’s for dinner and some cocktails. We do the same on Sat also with less booze as they are off to do the Lost City tomorrow ☹️

My foot is getting better but the realisation has hit that there’s no way my toe will heal in time for me to do the Lost City and as sad and frustrating as that is, there’s nothing I can do and will just have to look forward to other hikes that come about.

I also have another adventure planned that many people I’ve met here have told me about…

I go to the beach a few nights to watch the sunset – it’s amazing. A good night is with Janine from the hostel and Riana a girl I’ve met from Canada. We chill with a beer on the beach, meet this cool dude

and put the world to right with a few more and some wine! I love this place!!!

Another day by the pool with my new sunbathing buddy Riana and another night and another sunset….

Having been at Calle 11 for nearly 2 weeks, I feel like part of the family and part of the furniture. All the staff are so nice and friendly….Janine and Brock are so friendly and all the cleaning ladies call me by my name and always ask how I am and how my toe is. This hostel is a place people come for a few nights before heading off to other places in the area and then come back before going on somewhere further. Having been here so long, I love it when people I’ve met come back from their little jaunts to Palomina, Tayrona etc.

Calle 11 has a great vibe and there is a lot of hard work and effort going into making improvements to the place. It’s full of lovely interesting people and I’m lucky to have met so many amazing people during my stay here….I will definitely miss it but as my long journey tomorrow takes me North, I will be returning on Sat for a night or 2 before heading on to Cartagena

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