Bogotá Accommodation Woes & Sick Bug – Night 32 & Day 33

Sun 4th & Mon 5th Mar

Land at Bogotá late Sunday night. They take security and scanning bags seriously here – but I guess u can see why!

Once uve read about how best to get from the airport, ur on ur guard straight away.

Uber is illegal and therefore not advised and the yellow taxis are full of scams too. They use zones and kms travelled – but as u don’t know what zone ur in and taxi drivers taking the long way round it’s easy to get ripped off. I speak to a policeman and get told the rate to La Candelaria is between 30-35000 COP.

I get in a taxi, explain I’ve spoken to a policeman and as that’s the rate, that’s what I’ll pay! He’s a nice enough taxi driver….gives me some local info, some history, tells me to be careful, offers to be my driver for the day – the usual! When we pull up to my street, it’s late, dark n looks fricking awful! We also can’t see this hostel anywhere and after asking a few yocals, he runs up some dodgy looking side steps! Coming back he tells me that the place is a bit dangerous and I shouldn’t stay there. Whether this was a scam or not, the neighbourhood put the fear of god into me and there was no way I was staying!

He rang a hotel and off we headed. I was slightly concerned by it being 9 mins in the car when we were in the area I wanted to be in but La Candelaria at night isn’t safe so extremely tired, I was in no position to look for something, so just went with it!

We pull up at Hotel Santiago Plaza and it seems nice enough….it’s near the American Embassy so guess the area is ok. It’s no Sheraton but paying 100$ for 2 nights on a backpackers budget nearly chokes me! Still….I was ok, in a relatively nice place and had a mahoosive bed in my room! I get into bed and pretty much collapse….for an hour or so!

Day 33 doesn’t start too well as I wake early feeling awful, bad tummy pains and feeling sick as a dog! Let’s just say I achieve very little and see nothing of Bogotá but my hotel room! I do venture down to reception to enquiry about a shop to get some water, explaining that I’m ill and they very kindly offer to go out and get me some – which they do and that was fantastic. I really didn’t fancy venturing into the unknown feeling so crap!

Late in the afternoon I have to change rooms. There is a dog outside my room that has barked non-stop for 8 hours and I’m now ready to kill it (sorry dog lovers) but I’ve a pounding head to add to my list of woes too now!

Room changed, even bigger bed

…happy for 10 mins until drilling and banging starts! Are u having a fucking laugh!!! Storm outside and yell at the builders to shut up! The cleaner has a word with them then the manager knocks on my door telling me they’ll be done in 20 mins!

Peace restored and starting to feel a bit better, I fancy a bit of food. Doesn’t look as thou I’m in walking distance of much so go in search of takeout with delivery and find their equivalent of Just Eat called Domicilios. Gave it bash and ordered me a Chinese – all for £4 with delivery! Definitely give this a whirl if ur in town for a long period of time. The restaurant choices are endless!

Didn’t manage to eat much n feeling shitty, decided to call it a day and head back to sleep hoping I can get out and see a bit tomorrow!

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