Last Night/Day in Antigua – Day 31/32

Sat 3rd/Sun 4th Mar

Heading back after Acatenango I walk home for that well earned shower. I learned that if the power isn’t too high u can get really hot water. This is heavenly and the dirt just rinses away! God I needed that!

Feeling far more human, I drop off some laundry and wonder how I can kill a few hours whilst waiting for it. Being a super hot day and Cafe Sky only opposite, I decide to take advantage of the roof terrace and the view for one last time….with a glass or 3 of wine of course!

I while away the hours surfing the net, reading, watching another Procession

chatting to new people and 2 people joining me who I met on the bus from San Pedro! 3 hours killed, laundry gotten and José calls to say he’s finished work and comes get me on the moto de muerte!

Whilst José gets ready, I pack up my stuff – just in case! I know how these nights can go.

We head to a fab little bar that features in a lot of the top lists to go – Por Que No

It’s a tiny little venue but has a great vibe and fills up really quickly. They also do great pizza!

So nice being out again for my last night in Antigua with my awesome friend

It’s great that Nancy is back in town too and comes join us

We head off to another bar and enjoy a few before getting a taxi home.

And this is where it goes wrong…!!! A few Toña’s and some tunes

turn into conversations and songs by Guns & Roses which turns into talk about their gig at The Ritz followed by more Toña’s and watching said gig at The Ritz which leads to the pair of us thinking we are Axl Rose!!!

An array of tunes follow by some of our favourite bands, daylight has broken and someone has to be up for work very soon!

Bed we go having had a most bizarre yet brilliant night. Was great to end on such a high note.

2 hours later isn’t so great when the alarm goes off and God bloody damn Axl Bloody Rose!!!

My goodbye to José isn’t one of the usual sadness…too pissed/tired to realise this is the last time I’ll be seeing him and so after a big hug off he trots to work and my plans of saying bye to Antigua are vetoed by my desire to go back to bed!

Antonio my taxi driver rocks up way to early so I invite him in and feed him cake whilst I finish my packing and then make the hour journey to the City to get my flight to Bogotá.

It’s only whilst messaging José from the airport it hits me I’m leaving and won’t be sure when I’ll see him again. Just as he sends me a cute little sign with my new nickname on it

– I burst into tears in a coffee shop! God I’ll bloody miss u!

Thanks for a bloody great stay in Antigua Pichi….it was immense and I look forward to our next encounter…whenever and wherever that may be 😘

Now time to get my hungover ass on that plane to Bogotá – which is typically delayed!

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