A Tourist in Antigua – Day 28

Wed 28th Feb

Woke up bright and early and a productive start it was too with today mapped out and plans confirmed for tomorrow.

With the sun beating down, it was time to hit the road and find me some breakkie. Part of this mornings research was finding a sun terrace to have breakfast on and Cafe Sky more than delivered. A good hearty breakfast (50Q….but didn’t include drinks here) but OMG, the views here were just as awesome. Not as nice a venue as yesterday but you do get to see Agua, Acatenango and Fuego from here

Perfect start to my day.

From there I ended up passing Union Tank…whose former use was a central place to provide water to wash clothes and now just a beautiful place to sit in and look around.

Then onto one of the most famous sights in all of Antigua, the one I think used to depict it most…the famous yellow arch but no burgers here…The Santa Catalina Arch

I love this whole area. I wish they wd pedestrianise it though so u could get some cool pictures without a car or tuk tuk coming up behind u!

Then a visit to the stunning and amazingly crafted Le Merced church which has now been rebuilt to withstand earthquakes after being destroyed by them twice.

My stroll takes me past many more churches and down the beautiful colonial streets that again make this place so famous.

I’m head now towards the beautiful Santa Teresa which seems to be a lovely neighbourhood then walk up to Cerro De la Cruz

Whilst here and turning my guide book all sorts of ways round – whether to walk east or west, north or south has really confused the shit out of me today! I’m sure half of my 30,000 steps today have been because of going in the wrong direction! Good job I got local SIM and Google Maps too!

Whilst here looking puzzled with my map I’m approached by a guy asking if I need help. I laugh and reply no gracias. He then says he likes my tongue, asks me to poke it out and tried to stick his finger in my mouth….WTF!!! Pmsl

Luckily I see Hannah and Hiko walking down the street so go off to talk to them!

Anyways, back to Cerro de la Cruz and it’s definitely worth the 15 minute walk up as the views are nothing short of spectacular (again!)

My tourist hike takes me from here to the main square – Central Park. A very popular spot with coffee shops in abundance. The park is so pretty, especially the moment with all the blossomed purple flowery trees. Arches line 2 sides, a palace another and the San José Cathedral the other…it certainly is the busy central hub of this place.

After a long day walking, I head to a salsa class I booked earlier in the day. My teacher was awesome and had a tough job correcting some bad habits! When I land in a place with a bit more time on my hands (Cali or Quito), I’m definitely going to look at salsa school. However, if you have time whilst in Antigua – definitely try out Salsa y Más. You can book 1to1 lessons (125Q for an hour but they do offers for more) and also run some free classes at hotels. Check them out…a fabulous hour spent and gave me the bug back.

I need to get things sorted for my volcano hike as I’m out all day tomorrow. They say meals are provided and to bring snacks but every post I’ve read says bring food. The little tiendas can work out quite dear so definitely head down to the big supermarket off Av 8 and C 6 Poniente…you get a load more for ur money.

It’s now approaching 7pm and I’m starving. I try to find a restaurant I read about but it escapes me! I’ve been out since 9am and I’m knackered. I realise I’m near where I ate last night, food is awesome and WiFi is good so think bugger it and just head back there – a fab chicken n veg curry on the menu tonight! Food seems to be freshly prepared here as takes a while but is definitely worth the wait – again thumbs up to Travel Menu.

Blog done, it’s time to make the 20 minute walk home to get my stuff together for my beach day out with Bambi tomorrow 😃

It’s so nice staying at a friends…hot shower (now I know how to work it), a bowl of chips and Breaking Bad in the most comfiest chair ever….quiet night’s in are just as much fun too sometimes

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