Picosita’s, Beer & Pool – Day 26

Mon 26th Feb

Wot a night! Wake up quite late and feeling the effects of the night before. Take a cold shower and feel a bit better.

We then head to what I nicknamed last year – the hangover shop. A little stall shop that sells Picositas –

a Guatemalan classic for a hangover. Beer served in a brown paper bag u take a sip then hand it back to be filled with a mix of strange ingredients added which include Worcestershire sauce, onion, chilli and lime juice.

They sorted me out a treat last year but I find it a bit overpowering this time nd round 2 is just a plain old beer for me!

It’s here I finally get to catch up with Nancy – Josè’s friend who I met in Granada and we shared a wild night out together. Amazing to see u again Nancy, albeit briefly

I also meet Bambi, a friend of both and we decide to head to hers to enjoy a few beers and take a dip in the pool. The perfect tonic to the day after a night out.

Hiko and Hannah also join as Hannah is now staying with Bambi.

Dinner by the pool and a quick dip – it’s bloody cold, then Josè has to head off for an hour due to a family emergency.

The rest of us stay behind soaking up the rays and enjoying a few more tinnies.

It turns out, things are taking longer than expected with Josè and he doesn’t get back for hours. I do feel a bit peeved and upset – I’ve travelled miles to come see him again and he’s not around for much of it….but work and family do take precedence.

Quiet evening on the cards tonight and head to bed at a reasonable hour!

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