Cerro San Cristobal – Day 27

Tue 27th Feb

Rise bright and early and ready to take on the day. It’s amazing how great u feel when I don’t party!

Kicking back with my book I enjoy a lazy morning until Josè rises and we Mamés plans for the day.

Has he has to leave for work later and a big to do list, we run a few errands then head off for some brunch. On the way I see Volcano Agua in front of me and the beautiful purple trees that are out in bloom at this time – which match the procession and the purple theme.

Josè takes me to an absolute gem of a place for brunch….we head up to Cerro San Cristobal. OMG….the views on the way up here and from the restaurant are nothing short of magnificent.

It’s my first view of Volcano Acatenango (the one on the right) which I will be hiking up and camping on on Friday and also it’s live neighbour – the magnificent Volcano Fuego who was firing out plumes of smoke during our time there. The view here was simply breathtaking and a must for anyone. I could have stayed gazing at this view for hours…but I’ll be much closer to them come Friday!!!

We depart to run a few more errands then go to meet a lovely Israeli couple for a drink. Friends of a couple Josè did a tour with previously. A lovely location and a lovely glass of wine with very nice people. Strange how small the world is as he works for a network supplier in Israel and knew quite a few people back at EE and Orange! We were even speaking about the MWC that has just been in Barcelona!!!

We head home for Josè to pack and I say goodbye as he drops me off in town whilst he goes off to work for the week. His tour rings him to Antigua on Sat so I’m definitely hoping it does and I get to see him again before I move on.

In town I head to a place a read about in lonely planet for dinner and treat myself to a gorgeous Irish stew! Beef, veg, potatoes and gravy – perfect. Am pretty sure we came in here 2 nights ago but was quite late and food options limited. Definitely give this place a visit if u want a taste of back home. Travel Menu is a great little haunt and I’m so happy to finally have some WiFi!!!

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