Bye Bye SP, Hello Antigua & Hello José – Day 25

Sun 25th Feb

Finally packed up and bag left at reception, with sadness I take a final stroll around this amazing little town and view across the lake

I love the street art

The winding streets

And the beautiful church and gardens at the top

I love the mix of people here from tourists, expats and the Maya‘s all bumbling along as one happy community.

I take a last stroll down to the lake and sit and gaze across at the awesome Indian Nose mountain in front of me. Maybe next time I’ll hike up u….but for this trip, it’s just been awesome to look out over the lake at

I have a few hours to kill before leaving and whilst it’s hot out, decide to soak up some rays in my fave sun trap Nick’s Place. A perfect way to end my trip in San Pedro – I order a cuppa, sat in the sun, lakeside view and start my new book The Beach by Alex Garland

San Pedro you have been amazing and I look forward to a time when I will return.

It’s time now to get the bus to Antigua. After what seems like a bit of confusion – too many people for seats, we get on and away we go. The views are amazing as we climb the little windy roads up through the mountains until they become obscured by clouds as we plough higher. The roads again aren’t that great but after a pick up at a gas station, we’re then on an A like road with 2 lanes and can finally pick up some speed.

We hit some traffic but n the busy Chimaltenango which seems to be car garage central.

We finally break through the traffic and on the last 15 minute stretch to Antigua. Excitement building in me know as I’m very soon to see my good friend José.

I get off the bus and with vague familiarity I head to Central Park to eagerly await the arrival of Jose. I arrive in the middle of a religious procession that is taking place for lent and watch all the hustle and bustle going on in the square. As I’m soaking up the infectious atmosphere José jumps down to sit beside me (which is good as I’ve sat down with rucksack on and don’t think I wd have gotten up to greet him)! I’m so excited and overwhelmed to see him again…words can’t describe how happy I am right now!

We head to what I thought wd be the car, but no, being busy José has headed in on his scooter. Cue – the both of us, my rucksack and day sack all piling on! Was hysterical riding through the streets with my rucksack constantly pressing on the horn!!!

Stuff dropped off and we waste no time in heading back out to grab a drink and watch some of the procession.

First watering hole was a bit quiet

so we move in grabbing some booze from a shop. We buy small bottles of Quezalteca….

The lemon being much nicer than the tamarind flavour.

José explains the procession to me – the people wear these purple costumes and walk beside these big religious statues that they carry. You pay a fee to do this and the more popular the place (for eg the cathedral) the more expensive it is for that spot. After about 2 blocks, the people change over

There are also carpets made on the ground out of flowers in the religious colours of purple. Looks stunning and then diggers go past clearing it all up afterwards

We meet Jose’s friend Hiko and a girl called Hannah from Norway on our walk through town and sit in the square soaking up the atmosphere together.

We part company to go find some food. We traipse around trying to find something suitable and settle in a taco/burrito place and order a mezcal to go with it. Looks good but still tastes as bloody awful as the last time I drank it!!! Vile stuff!

Head back home where the party continues and greeted by several cases of Toña and 2 litres of Flor de Caña….ohhhh yes!

Happy memories indeed from Nicaragua and great to be drinking this again with my awesome friend.

We have booze and tunes and reminisce over so much that happened in our 25 day trip 14 months ago.

F**king mint it is to be with u again 😘

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