San Marcos – Day 24

Sat 24th Feb

Up bright and early, grab breakfast and head to the ferry port.

This morning I’m heading to a town on the opposite side of the lake – San Marcos.

I’ve heard it’s lovely so decide to go check it out.

20Q for a return boat ticket and once suitably full, the boat sets off. I sit at the back this time after the arse hammering journey over from Pana but as this boat is taking a different route, it’s nothing like before.

The weather isn’t as great today, cloudy and overcast and a bit chilly….well it is when ur in shorts and a vest.

Once off the boat, there’s a main pathway you follow that leads you to the main tourist spots. Again this is full of people selling their artisan products – jewellery, dolls, shawls etc.

I again find there isn’t a whole lot here and being early, not much has opened up. I remember reading about a nature reserve coastal walk so head off to find it. Very easy from the boat path – a turning on the left as you walk up and follow the signs till u get there – Cerro Tzankujil. 15Q entrance and I follow the mirador signs to get the awesome view of San Pedro volcano. Despite the clouds, the view did not disappoint as I look back over to the town and volcano I love so much

I gaze at this spectacular view as I head back down and walk along the lake back towards the town

It’s slightly busier now and look to grab something to eat but find it’s quite expensive. Restaurant Fe is meant to be good but at prices triple SP and resembling dinner prices at home, I’ll heard back to SP.

San Marcos has a totally different vibe again. This place is full of your more chilled out hippy types – yoga, massage, vegan eateries everywhere, stones and crystals etc – you get my drift, so a lot more tranquil than Pana & SP.

The graffiti/artwork here is in keeping with the ambience of the place

and the bit with the tunnelling trees over the path was pretty

I jump in a return boat to SP and head for some lunch then spend a bit of time chatting to some people I met the other night.

I buy my bus ticket to Antigua tomorrow – it’s only because I’m finally getting to see a dear fabulous friend that I’m leaving here else I think I may have stayed on a bit longer.

There are buses direct from SP for only 60Q. They take only about an hour longer (in theory) and saves having to go back to Pana and getting the boat (this route costs 90Q). I don’t think the roads are as good the SP way but I don’t think they can be any worse than Bethel to Santa Elena or Lanquin to Coban!

I attempt to sit in the little garden in my hotel again but the sun isn’t playing ball today and after mustering about 30 mins, the sky is full of clouds and it’s quite chilly so head up to do more research on different tours and companies.

I collect my laundry. For some reason they weigh clothes by the lbs. You weigh food by the lb, not clothes. 10lb of clothing cost me £5 (bit different to SC in Mexico where it was £1 for 3KG). Nice to have all my clothes back clean and fresh though.

With my laundry back, I start sorting all my stuff out ready to repack the rucksack. It has been nice just being in one spot for a week…and luckily I think this is the case for the next few to come more or less.

Despite it being a Saturday and my last night here, I decide against going out as I can’t be doing with feeling like shit tomorrow when I’ve got to pack, vacate my room and be on the road. Boring yes, but sensible is sometimes best and I’m sure I’ll make up for it in Antigua….

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