San Pedro Paradise – Day 23

Fri 23rd Feb

Ohhhhh what to do today….?

I’m quite enjoying this doing nothing malarkey and enjoying it whilst I can as will be quite busy when I get to Antigua and then on to Bogotá.

My day starts the same – breakfast overlooking the lake followed by a stroll around town followed by lunch on the sun terrace.

The sun is strong today and I realise before it’s too late that I need more sun cream. Sensible head on, I leave the sun soaked terrace of Nicks Place and head back.

The sun is shining down on the hotel garden so bikini on and sun creamed up, I head down to spend the afternoon there with my new book – The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

Comfortably sat, sun blazing down, lake lapping against the rocks I’m totally relaxed in my own little paradise

and end up finishing my book. A great little read, especially if on an adventure of your own.

The clientele where I’m staying are all lovely and very pleasant but much older than myself. All in retirement it seems and from predominantly the cold northern parts of the States or Canada. Many have taken up residence here for long periods of time to escape the winters of home. One couple are due to fly home tomorrow but like it that much they decide whilst talking to me to extend their stay for another month! How cool is that! I too would love to stay but there’s a lot of the world to see and I’m only 3 weeks in! I can always come back…

Sun gone in and definitely no plans to go out tonight, I head out for dinner at a restaurant I’d had a flyer for but snubbed earlier in the week because it was empty! Why on earth did I do this….their mango curry was devine! Ok, not a hint of spice in the dish but was flavoursome and full of VEG!!! At last…some broccoli and carrots!

Definitely give Cafe Atitlan a visit if ur here. May even come back tomorrow…

A quiet night on the cards tonight…might just see what films are on and start booking some stuff for next week.

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