12 hours to Panajachel – Day 17

Sat 17th Feb

They say things happen for a reason and the issues with transfers meant I had to buy another but as a result of this I changed my plans and decided to head to Panajachel (Viñas Hotel runs this for 200Q)

A quick breakfast and some quick goodbyes to the staff in the hotel who were all lovely and away we go for the start of a long journey to Pana.

Pro of getting on the bus first is u get the pick of the seats. Have quickly learned that the back of buses here are bad – always go for the front! The downside however is that ur on there for an extra hour doing the rounds picking people up.

2 friends I’d made got on the same bus so was nice to chat to them throughout the journey and got chatting to 2 British people behind me (who enformed me of an earthquake measuring 4.2 in Swansea – wtf!!!)

I also sat next to Rudy from my hotel so this long ass journey was broken up by lots of conversation and snack sharing.

The road from Lanquin to Pana is long boring and awful in parts! Some beautiful views but by god some of these roads need tarmacing!

Long, twisty and bendy as we cross over many a mountain

getting stuck behind a slower moving vehicle is a real pain!

Not much to note from the journey as such – saw a man taking his sheep for a walk on a lead, 2 kids walking 3 cows down the road and did pass a seemingly nasty accident where a truck had gone over the side – luckily was in a small town and not down a big mountainside.

Pit stop for 20 mins and it’s boiling. Seems me and 2 Spanish people I befriend have the good idea to grab a few beers

Great idea until 3 hours in and ur busting for a wee!!!

Got in bus at 0740 and reach hotel about 12 hours later.

Carlos who runs this place is fantastic and I and an American girl sit down with him and his colleague having a good chat and a great laugh.

Booked on a tour to Chichicastenango tomorrow – a kind of must do if here on a Sunday or Thursday for market day.

Long long day but I do love Lake Atitlan and can’t wait to see it again

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