Zephyr Lodge – Day 16

Fri 16 Feb

Today was the first day that felt like holiday mode.

I made the 20 minute walk up to the Zephyr Lodge – a hostel I nearly stayed in but private rooms were too dear (200Q a night, dorms from 105 I think).

It is however a great place with loads going on and many a friendly backpacker.

I took up a space with 2 lovely nurses from London and whiled away a few hours chatting to them and a fair few others as the group grew as more people ventured to the pool.

The infinity pool is definitely what draws people here – and you can see why….it’s simply stunning

A fair few hours had in the sun, lunch was calling. I bid my new acquaintances goodbye and headed back into Lanquin to find this little Turkish place I had been told about. Blink and you’ll miss it but it’s a great little shop called Hamsa

that does pitta with hummous and meat or falafel (for about 25-35Q).

So wish I knew about this place yesterday!

Back to my hotel to sit by the pool, have a beer and chat to the people I’ve got to know there. Some sad news awaits thou as their little puppy who had been ill, took a turn for the worse during breakfast and had sadly passed whilst I was out….

RIP over at rainbow bridge Honey 🌈

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