Tikal – Day 12

Mon 12th Feb

With an 8am start, I decide sleep is more important than breakfast and grab a bottle of water and a cookie for the bus journey.

Several buses come and go but none are for me. My gut instinct that was kicking in yesterday returns and I message the guy to find out where he is after being 39 mins late….(I could have got breakfast in this time). I get a reply saying they’ll be 5 mins. 10 more and the bus arrives.

It’s full so I sit in the front alongside an American girl. We get chatting and she is lovely so we swap details with a view to hooking up at a later date.

We stop en route to Tikal to see a model layout of the grounds. It’s here I bump into the Mexican couple from yesterday. They are both absolutely fuming and proceed to tell me how the bus driver ripped them off and how a google search has told them ample on their scam and fleecing tactics. I tell them I had a hunch I’d been conned but they had just cemented my thoughts!

They’re that angry, they’ve decided to cut short their stay in Guatemala and are now leaving tomorrow!

We get to Tikal entrance and we have to pay 150Q entrance fee (it’s 250Q to go in to watch sunset). I paid this yesterday but figure that this covered transport and guide only or was just another part of the scam tactics – who knows! (Since found out transfer shd have been about 80Q not 150….)

Into Tikal and we come across one of the first towers….this place is amazing. The engineering behind the building of these ancient ruins is phenomenal and testament to this is that they still stand despite all the earthquakes etc that have hit the area.

It’s amazing how people are still allowed to climb up these wonders and see the views from the top

The central plaza was simply breathtaking.

I didn’t get the chance to visit here last year and was a key feature in my wanting to return and I’m so glad I did.

Tikal was a fabulous and interesting day out.

Back in Flores and my hostel, having read google reviews too now, I speak to the receptionist about my saga with this tour agency. He is more than aware of them and says they are the worst! He tells me that the agency that is meant oversea these companies is just around the corner and they should be able to help me. I run round but they are closed so I plan on returning in the morning…. fingers crossed…

Heading out for a stroll and dinner I bump into the Mexican couple again and fill them in. Still very angry they wish they could come with me but are gladly leaving at 5am and wish me luck!

I find a stunning restaurant over looking the lake

called Raices and enjoy a lovely dinner, soaking up the peace and tranquility. I leave just in time as a group of about 40 French descend upon the place!

Am definitely in the tropics as the mosquitos are now out in force and sure they had a fair old feast on yours truly during dinner. Time to dig out the antihistamines and keep the bug spray to hand!

Time also to get the shower scrub mits out and get rid of the little sweat blisters that have formed due to my previous sunburn having not peeled yet…does give me a somewhat lizard like look and is pretty rank!!!

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