A Lazy Day in SC – Day 5

Mon 5th Feb

Hadn’t planned a huge amount for today as wanted to check a few things out and book some tours for the next few days.

Can only say this is a good thing as I feel like shit. Think one of the nasty bugs doing the rounds at home is just coming out on me now.

Breakfast in the hostel wasn’t too bad but there’s not a tea bag in sight so after chilling for a bit, I head off to find a cafe!

The sun is scorching as I sit down outside to enjoy my cuppa and catch up with some messages back home.

My next port of call is a tour office and I book a trip for tomorrow and one for Sat that will take me also to my next destination. On to another and I book a 60k mountain bike trip for Friday!

Time for a spot of lunch and I’m craving some green food. Only 6 days in and I cd kill for some salad or broccoli. Find a Milanese place that does chicken with salad and sit outside to enjoy this along with my new book ‘On the Road’ by Jack Kerouac.

Enjoying doing nothing but chilling here, when the waiter offers me postre I think why not….I’m starting to feel worse n think ice cream wd be good for my throat – any excuse hey!

I go for the banana split with dulce de leche and omg, it’s one of the best desserts ever!

Think I’ll head back here before I leave!

2 or more hours have passed and I feel like I’ve burned…quite badly. It’s only half 3 but there’s no way I can continue to sit in the sun so do the sensible thing and head back. If only I was sensible enough to put suncream on other bits of me than just my face!

Watch some tv but with that dessert on my mind, at 5pm I make the decision to go find the gym I found online a while back and give Body Combat a whirl! Feeling like crap, I drag my ill, sun burned ass to the gym.

The bargain price of £1.85 is all I pay to do a Les Mill class and meet a lovely girl called Natalie there. Very friendly at this gym – when the instructors come in, they give everyone a kiss! I explain I know combat well but this is a first in Spanish! My cold and sunburn kicking in and no air con in the studio, several times I feel like I might die but I did enjoy it and glad I went.

I walk back with new acquaintance Natalie and part saying I might see her there again on Wed…

Grab a light bite on the way home and head to bed…absolutely freezing…maybe a bit of sun stroke to add to the list!!!

The dressing gown that has appeared in my room is a most welcome sight!

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