San Cristóbal de las Casas – Day 4

Sun 4th Feb

Not done a lot today as was a travel day.

Journey pretty straight forward – Uber, flight, OCC bus and taxi to hostel all for the bargain price of £55!

Arriving in San Cristobal de la Casas, I’m so glad I decided to come back. This place is buzzing and oozes character…I love it here.

Can’t say the same for the hostel thou….family run and the people seem nice but the reviews I read don’t so far match my level of expectation…I wdnt call it clean for a start, the bathrooms leave a lot to be desired and the wooden makeshift walls are something else. Noise proof this building is not, I may as well be in the same room as next door! Hope the ear plugs work! I can cope with basic, but this is a whole new level…never done hostels before thou so this is definitely a steep learning curve.

One saving grace is the size of my double room which appears to be the same size as the 4 bed dorm I had originally booked…I gasped as I walked past, more than happy with my decision to upgrade.

Bizarrely, I am on the same street but a block further up as the hotel I stayed in last year…I did stare at it longingly and wish but 2 nights there cost more than double 6 nights here!

Checked in and WiFi sorted, I make a call home before getting changed – it’s bloody warm here – around 26/27! The shorts are def coming out tomorrow! Then I head off to wander around these fabulous streets.

I make my way towards the famous cathedral landmark only to be shocked by it all being fenced off.

This beautiful building is not in the full glory it was last year with a big crack in its top clock

and neither is the museum to the side of it. Wandering further along, the same sad sight strikes again, only this time worse with the towers of the Templo de Santa Lucía in ruin

This is a result of the 8.2 magnitude earthquake that struck the Chiapas region back in Sept. At least there’s only damage to a few iconic buildings thou rather than a whole town and lives being destroyed.

I carry on wandering, u can for hours here around the busy bustling streets and just soaking it all up. Somehow a sale in a clothes shop drew me in and out I came with a new skirt and top – it cost 6 quid so was rude not too!!!

Time for food, I head to a fab little place I went to last year and order their lush chicken tacos and a beer!

Followed by and I know I shouldn’t but really can’t resist the tres leches dessert famous in Central America. A top feast all for the bargain price of £3.70!

Full and tired, I head back making lists of things I need to do tomorrow – book some tours, find a gym and a laundry.

Tomorrow I plan on doing very little and may just sit in a park with my kindle in the sunshine…. ☀️📚☀️📚

Especially as I feel I’m coming down with something ☹️

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