DF – Day 2

Fri 2nd Feb

Whilst most of yesterday’s group slept and Chris worked, I started the day in a healthy way and took myself off for a run.

With the aid of Google Maps I was able to amass a 6.5k run. Now I know a sort of route, I’m hoping to get up to 10 tomorrow…

Start as I mean to go on and all that…

Exercise done and everyone surfaced, it was time for a leisurely late breakfast where we headed to a lovely French patisserie….I didn’t let the gorgeous looking pastries break me and opted for the healthy option

With not much planned for today either, I decided to join Babisa and Carolina on their outing.

We went to the Museo Sumaya (which looked a lot to me like the Bull Ring in Brum!)

Although museums aren’t really my thing, it was quite interesting and more pleasantly so – free!

We did get told off for laughing at one point when I asked if any of the artists were famous….just as we turned round only to be stood by the works of one of the most famous artists in the world….Van Gogh!!! That’ll be a yes then!

One sad sight was the number of Chinese crafts made out of huge elephant tusks…the craftmanship of this work was phenomenal but killing elephants to produce and sell these artefacts is not. The museum is however sponsoring some conservation projects.

Across the road from here, our next port of call was the aquarium – Acuario Inbursa.

We saw lots of fish, sharks, medusa’s and I even found Dory!!!

Feeling peckish heading back, I spotted one of the road side food stalls selling one of my favourite Mexican snacks….God I love elotes and only 20 pesos (70p)

Following a stroll around Polanco with the dog, it was time for a cold beer on the terrace.

Evening spent googling how to get to tomorrow’s destination….looking forward to it as couldn’t get there last year…

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